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30 Oct 2016: Stainless Steel World Americas On 11.9-11.10
                                                                                                                                                MTSCOMAXTECH will participate in Stainless Steel World Americas in Houston on Nov.9th&10th,2016 Name Stainless Steel World Americas ......
21 Oct 2016: Our Tour For Two International Tube & Pipe Exhibitions
MTSCOMAXTECH participated in two International tube & pipe exhibitions in Shanghai and Korea at the end of last month. Early days, we actively prepared so that we can meet customers in a professional manner. That was an Unforgettable experience.     The 7th All China-International Tube & Pipe Industry Trade Fair was held from 26th, Sep, 2016 to 29th, Sep, 2016 in Shanghai New Internationa......
30 Sep 2016: Analysis the Reasons of High Utilization Ratio of Stainless Steel in Industry
Industry is refers to the collection of raw materials, and the processing of them into products and processes. Industry is the product of the development of social division of labor, through the development stage of handicraft industry, machine industry and modern industry. Industry is an important part of the second industry, and it is divided into two categories: Light Industry and heavy indust......
21 Sep 2016: Analysis of the development trend of pipe fittings market
Today, the growth rate of China's stainless steel pipe fittings market in recent years has reached 15%, ranking the top three in the world. This pace of development is gratifying, indicating a huge market capacity and the prosperity of the entire industry.   But the stainless steel tube market brands are all in a mess Building materials market can be described as a great variety. Each......
05 Sep 2016: Stainless steel pipe price changes with market demand
Policy role of diminishing marginal. We can find that compared with the previous stable maintain short-term economic W, medium-term L type, long as long as the reform is expected to be completed before the completion of the U type recovery. Follow the monetary policy to return to neutral stability, financial stability to add an end, in the future demand for tax cuts, deregulation and maintenance o......
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