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26 Aug 2016: How can stainless steel tube factory open up new market ?
Stainless steel tube marketing can be based on the regional characteristics of the entrance, the strength of buyers and personality characteristics, commodity characteristics to adjust the price. Some precision stainless steel pipe customers are particularly concerned about the price, orders will be offered to the cheapest seller, then the offer can be direct to the lowest price that you can offer......
19 Aug 2016: Analysis of pickling stainless steel welded pipe
With the demand of stainless steel market and the rapid development of the domestic and foreign markets, more and more pickling stainless steel pipes are used in various industries. Due to the different surface treatment stainless steel industrial welded pipeis are divided into strip welding, welding pipe and polishing pipe. The welding seam welding pipe is welded by automatic welding, one side we......
10 Aug 2016: Installation and connection of stainless steel flange and its characteristics
Abstract: The connection of stainless steel flange is easy to use, it’s able to withstand large pressure. Stainless steel flange connections are widely used in industrial pipe. In the family, the pipes’ diameter is small, we can not see the stainless steel flange connection. But if you are in a boiler room or in the production site, stainless steel flange connections are everywhere.       ......
03 Aug 2016: 310S stainless steel tube factory is in the darkness before dawn
Abstract: For 310S stainless steel tube factory, the prices have been falling, but the steel plants have not voluntarily cut, that’s why? On the one hand, they want to occupy the cast iron pipe market; on the other hand, several times in the history of the market crash, steel mills rely on its unique monopoly and transfer function to make it in the best safe haven. From the inventory changes in r......
28 Jul 2016: Stainless steel pipe meets the period of price hike
Abstract:Recently, the production shutdowns farce of nickel constantly performing because of environmental reasons, nickel price increasing , steel mill maintenance and shutdown, the environmental protection pressure, material has been called up constantly. Based on comprehensive factors. Large material consumption, stainless steel tube factory, finally can’t hold up, has issued price adjustment ......
22 Jul 2016: Stainless steel tubes are superior in aesthetics
Abstract: Construction field is a shine place of stainless steel tube. Especially in a variety of modern architecture, it has become the favorite of many architects because of excellent corrosion resistance of its smooth surface. And following the progress of the technology, stainless steel tube is not just a simple bright surface, but also can show a different surface characteristics. From the ......
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