Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

Pipe fittings is a general term for all kinds of stainless steel pipe connection workpieces, which can be divided into different categories according to the shape, use, connection mode..

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting

Butt Welded Fitting

Butt Welded Fitting

Butt welding is a kind of resistance welding method that uses resistance heat to weld two workpiece together along the whole end face. Pipe fittings a......

Butt Welded Fitting
Forged Fitting

Forged Fitting

Forged pipe fittings mainly include forged elbow, forged reducer, forged tee, etc....

Forged Fitting
Casting Fitting

Casting Fitting

Casting is a manufacturing process in which liquid material is typically poured into a mold containing a hollow cavity of the desired shape and then s......

Casting Fitting

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Introduction

What is stainless steel fittings?

Stainless steel fittings is a general term for all kinds of stainless steel pipe connection workpieces, which can be divided into different categories according to the shape, use, connection mode.

Stainless steel fittings include the following categories: stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel reducer, stainless steel cap, stainless steel cross, weldolet, etc.

The above we said the stainless steel pipe fittings, is widely used in stainless steel pipe fittings, with easy installation, high performance, durability and other characteristics, in a variety of pipeline construction and installation have a wide range of applications.

MTSCO: Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting Manufacturer

Who MTSCO is?

MTSCO established in 2006, during many years development, nowbecomes a large and professional industrial piping system provider, serving customers from more than 100 countries and regions.

What products can we provide?

What materials can we provide?


304/L/H/N, 316/L/H/N/Ti, 321/H, 309/H, 310S, 347/H, 317/L904L

Duplex steel

31803, 32205, 32750, 32760

Nickel alloy

Alloy B/ N10001, Alloy B2/N10665, Alloy B3/N10675, Alloy C4/N06455, Alloy C22/N06022, Alloy C276/N10276, Alloy C2000/N06200, Alloy G35/N06035, Alloy G30/N06030,
Alloy S/N06635, Alloy N/N10003, Alloy X/N06002, Alloy 188/R30188, Alloy 230/N06230,
Alloy 556/R30556, Alloy 600/ N06600, Alloy 601/N06601, Alloy 617/N06617,
Alloy 625/N06625, Alloy 718/N07718, Alloy X750/N07750, Alloy 800/N08800,
Alloy 800H/N08810, Alloy 800HT/N08811, Alloy 825/N08825, Alloy 925/N09925,
Alloy 926/N08926, Alloy 400/ N04400, Alloy K500/N05500
Precipitation-hardening Steels: 254SMO/S31254, 17-4PH, 17-7PH, 15-7PH
Nickel: N4/UNS N02201, N6/UNS N02200

How can MTSCO service customers?

MTSCO's ISO9001 Quality System is issued by TUV. Our full and professional inspection reports contain two parts, one is self-inspection of the requirements beyond ISO9001, which is 100% inspected by our own QC; another is 100% inspected by professional QC teams.

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1. Can you provide samples?
Of course, We can provide a few sample tubes for you to inspect and experiment.
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3. What is your packing?
4. What inspection will you do?
5. What certificates do you have?
6. What is your minimum order quantity(MOQ)?
7. How long is your delivery time?
8. What is your terms of payment?

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