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MTSCO | Since 2006

Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (MTSCO) was established in 2006, which is a one-stop stainless steel complex integrating industry and trade. Welded Pipe has been the advantageous product in the development of MTSCO for more than ten years. MTSCO has invested in HUXIN PIPE, a welded pipe manufacturer with 36 years of experience in pipe making. Huxin Pipes' welded pipes currently cover most materials of austenitic/duplex/nickel/cobalt alloys, such as 304/L, 316/L, 321/H, 2205, 2507, Alloy 600/625/825/C276/188/L-605...
As for the types of welded pipes, we are able to offer a wide range of large and small diameter welded pipes with OD ranging from 3.18mm-3000mm. Pipes are mainly formed by rolled plate (RBE) and bending, and the welding method is PAW+GTAW, with the whole process of automatic welding, which makes the welding efficiency higher while the weld seam is more full and stable. HUXIN PIPE has upgraded on the traditional production process to solve the problem that the weld seam of thick-walled pipes with large caliber is not round.

In addition to the assurance of production, quality control is also essential. HUXIN PIPE is equipped with ultrasonic eddy current integrated machine, hydraulic testing machine, physical and chemical lab, X-ray flaw detector and other inspection equipment. In addition, MTSCO is equipped with a professional QC team to conduct a series of routine appearance, PMI, size, quantity and other tests on the products before shipment, and take photos for archiving, so as to facilitate the traceability of customers.
At present, MTSCO has a sales team of nearly 40 staff. Before the sale, we guarantee 24H timely response, during the sale at any time and technical engineers docking, professional and fast to solve your problems. After-sales timely solve the problem. MTSCO welded pipe have customers all over the world, our pipe has been widely used in many countries and regions in the industrial construction. Customers are also very satisfied with our products, giving a lot of feedback and favorable comments. We look forward to working together in the future!

Our Strategic Cooperation Manufacturer:

MT SMLS—Seamless Pipe: Zhejiang Huxin stainless steel manufacturing Co., Ltd
MT Oilfield Service—Control Line: Anhui XiLiu Pipe Industry Co., Ltd
MT Wld—Welded Pipe: Zhejiang Huxin stainless steel manufacturing Co., Ltd
MT Fitting—Pipe fitting: Zhejiang Hongdi Pipe Industry Co., Ltd
MT Flange—Flange: Wenzhou Yongheng Steel Co.,Ltd

What Grades Can We Provide?

Nickel Alloy
NI-MO: N10001,N10665,N10675...
NI-CR-MO: N10276,N06022,N06035,N06455,N06002...
NI-CR-MO-CU: N06030,N06200,N08031,N08825,N08020...
NICR-MO-W: N06230...
NICKEL: N02200,N02201...
NI-CU: N04400,N05500...
NI-CR-FE: N06600,N06601,N06690,N08800,N08810,N08811...
NI-CR-MO-NB: N06625,N07718...

304/L/H/N, 316/L/H/N/Ti, 321/H, 309/H, 310S, 347/H, 317/L, 904L...

Duplex Steel
31803, 32205, 32750, 32760...

Cobalt Alloy
Alloy 188/ UNS R30188, Alloy L-605/ UNS R30605, Alloy S-816, Alloy 6B, UMCo50, FSX-414, MP-159...

Manufacturing Experience

Plant Area

Max Diameter of Welded Pipe

Annealing Furnace Length


VR(Virtual) Mill Introduction

Visit the factory's real scene online to know the scale and strength, without spending time or financial costs

Professional Remote Technical Guidance

Regardless of pre-sales, during sales, or after sales, if you encounter any technical difficulties, we can contact engineers and provide solutions immediately

Accept Third-party Inspection

As long as you have third-party inspection needs, such as SGS/TUV/BV, we can cooperate with the factory inspection to ensure the excellence of our products and services

Door to Door Shipment

If you need it, we can provide seamless transportation from the origin to the destination, simplifying your logistics process


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