Coiled tubing is long tube in length without the need for joining fittings, which can reduce installation time and costs, and eliminate potential leak points to improve the security during working. It can be used in petrochemical, geothermal and flow measurement applications, etc.

As one of our main products, bright annealed tubing has better surface condition and mechanical properties because of advanced bright annealed furnace. It can be widely used in instrument industry, hydraulic industry, pressure vessels, measurement applications, etc.

U bend tube is easy for shipment even when tubes in long length, it is suitable for all types of heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, heaters, etc. We can produce U bend tubes as your requirements.

  • Coiled tubing

    Coiled tubing is long length tubes without the need for joining fittings. This reduces installation time and costs as well as eliminating potential leak points.

  • Bright Annealed SMLS tubing

    Bright Annealed Tubing has a better surface condition and mechanical properties. It can be used widely in instrument industry, hydraulic industry, heat exchanger, etc.

  • Heat exchanger tube

    Heat exchanger tube includes u bend tubes, straight tubes, which can be used for all kinds of heat exchangers, boilers, heaters, seawater coolers, condensers, etc.

  • Industrial pipe

    Industrial pipe can be used in fluid and gas transport, decoration, construction, medical equipment and other fields.

  • Duplex steel pipe

    Duplex Steel has the advantages of both Austenitic and Ferritic Stainless Steel, which makes Duplex Steel Pipes are widely used in oil and gas industry, construction, etc.

  • Welded pipe

    Stainless Steel Welded Pipes are widely used in Construction, decoration, petrochemical industry, medical industry, electricity industry, etc. The price of welded pipes is cheaper than that of seamless pipes.

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Jiaxing MT stainless steel co.,ltd. (MTSCO) is a professional, high-tech large modern company with an integration of manufacturing, R & D and trade. We use advanced bright annealed equipment, the highest Temperature can reach to 1350 ℃, and Temperature can be controlled within ±2 ℃.


Advanced equipment and technological process

Making the international brand is our eternal goal and blest mission, we strive for excellent achievements in international market facing furious industry competition, and render service to repay the country, society and staff. Facing the new century, we will show you a new enterprise image with high credit, high quality products, high level service and high quality staff. We will strictly follow the enterprise principle: human-centered, quality for survival, sales for production, continous innovation.


Complete inspection equipment and quality system

Always seeking for perfection is our survival base. Modern enterprise pursues"Human-centered concept". We start with improving the quality of staff, and try to let us exert potential ability, so as to reach quality awareness, ensure first class quality. Perfection, is the persistent to details, perfection, is the challenge to technology, perfection, is the understanding to the foreword, perfection, is the nitpick to quality, perfection, is the fanaticism to highest level.

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